The Mysterious Case Of Republican Mass Amnesia

As the Republican primary circus moves to an uneventful and now predictable end there is one name that has been stricken from the collective memory of the Republican Party.  The name of George W. Bush has simply been missing from all discussion.  The other day during the staged endorsement of Mitt Romney by George H. W. Bush his question of whether his son has been in touch with Romney seemed to create a momentary discomfort among those assembled.  What is in the Koolaid they are all drinking to cause such mass amnesia?

Perhaps it is fear.  The fear that the electorate will come to understand that every problem that President Obama has worked so hard to solve, from the economic crisis to two wars and our relationships with our allies, is the result of the failed Presidency of George W. Bush.  No wonder that they want to distance themselves from him.  The Bush Administration push for tax cuts in the middle of trying to pay for two wars along with a very expensive drug program for seniors is generally considered a major part of the equation that created the economic crisis.  Add to this the almost religious fervor with which this administration prevented increased oversight and regulation of industry, Wall Street or the banking industry and you have the formula that created the toxic mix that has caused extreme economic pain and devastation to millions here and around the world.  As George W. Bush left office, he left behind a nation on the precipice of economic, foreign relations disaster.  The election of 2008, while certainly a vote for Barack Obama was also a strong vote for effective leadership.

Today, the Republican Party has mysteriously forgotten the fact that Bush took a budget surplus and turned into a major budget deficit for President Obama to inherit.  They have forgotten that Bush started two wars, one certainly not necessary, creating a foreign relations disaster for America.  Their memories continue to fail them when they complain that government has grown too big, ignoring the fact that Bush grew government at an alarming rate during his Presidency.  Their crocodile tears drip down their cheeks as they complain about a lack of an Obama energy policy while continuing to protect the big oil subsidies, which was the energy program of the Bush Administration.

They can run, but they can’t hide from the failed Presidency of Republican George W. Bush, as they raise the name of Reagan and espouse many of his policies.   The Democrats need to bring this piece of history into the light and provide a quick antidote to those in the electorate who choose to be a part of this Republican mass amnesia. 


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