It’s Not Constitutionality, It’s Ideology

The effort of the Conservatives to do away with the Obama health care program has finally landed in the Supreme Court.  However, the real bases of their opposition is not in the Constitution, but rather in their Conservative ideology.  For this reason they fought as vigorously against a national healthcare program when it was proposed by the Clinton administration. The Conservative ideology supports small government.  It demonizes government as intrusive and the antithesis of individual freedom.

The major problem that Conservatives have with the Obama health care program is that it creates more government.  They feel the same way about the Department of Education.  They want local authorities controlling the education of our youth.  That is why children who live in affluent areas with a high tax base get a good education and those who live in poor areas with a low tax base receive inferior educations.   Our kids suffer because Conservatives fear Federal control of education.  They feel the same way about the EPA.  They fight every regulation to protect our air, water and the environment because they fear the impact it will have on business.  Certainly the success of business is more important than the safety of the air we breathe and the water we drink.   Interestingly they welcome Federal government intrusion in such areas as contraception,  abortion and women’s health.  I wonder where they can find authority for that in the Constitution. 

The other reason the Conservatives have railed against the Obama health care program is because it came from President Obama and they are against anything that comes from the Obama Administration.  It so happens that the Republican Party is the party of the Conservative movement and so all issues have become politicized.  The goal of the Conservatives through the Republican Party is to defeat President Obama in the 2012 election.  Thus, even Republicans who may have at some time in the past been moderate have been overpowered by the Conservative wing of the Party.  The Conservative takeover has resulted int a huge number of announced retirements of moderate Republicans from both the House and the Senate.

Finally, the Supreme Court will decide this issue.  The problem they have is that of ideology verses Constitutionality.  There is not a Constitutional bases on which to rule against the Obama health care program.  There is only an ideological one for four Justices along with the Chief Justice who are all Conservatives.  Ruling on the basis of ideology risks the credibility of the Court.  Is it a risk they are willing to take?  Time will tell.


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