Now Comes The Hard Part

The Republican show is winding down.  The last few primaries will finalize the results that many have been predicting for some time.  Santorum will continue to fight the good fight, but the results of the upcoming primaries will make it clear that Romney will be the Republican candidate for President.  He will come out of the battle damaged and ideologically boxed in, but he will be a serious contender in the upcoming Presidential campaign.  It will be a difficult and challenging campaign for President Obama.  The outcome is far from a sure thing.

The successful efforts by the Republican controlled Congress to thwart President Obama’s programs at every turn, should be viewed with concern as we look toward the upcoming campaign.  The Congress, the hallmark of representative government, must be viewed as a microcosm of national beliefs and attitude.  Surely, we elect people that we feel represent majority ideology and interests.  The 2010 election, responsible for creating a Republican majority in the Congress, was a clear repudiation of the Obama Administration and a desire for a new direction.  The failure of the Republican Congress to lead, and its predisposition to oppose without a positive alternative has also been repudiated and again changed the landscape. So, there seems to be a tie, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are particularly popular.  Instead, the number of registered Independents is at an all time high.  40% of those registered to vote are Independents. 

Now the hard part comes.  Certainly, none of us can predict what events or issues might become prominent during the upcoming Presidential campaign. But it is clear that if you support President Obama’s re-election, you can’t just sit on your hands or feel you have done your thing by sending a check to the Campaign.  This will be a crucial election, one in which the independents will more than at any time in recent history be the deciders.  We cannot afford to sit this one out on our sofas.  A Republican victory will change the nature and direction of this country.  It will impact on health care, tax policy, women’s rights, economic policy and foreign policy.  If you enjoyed the Bush years, you will love the Romney years.  I didn’t and I wouldn’t.  I hope you will join me in doing everything you can to make sure that a Republican President does not take office in January  2013.


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