Let’s Not Lose Sight Of The Entire Landscape

With focus groups, internal polling, consultants, 24 hour news cycles, talk radio and rapid computer powered feedback, today’s candidates don’t have to guess what to say to you, they know what to say to you.  They know exactly what you want to hear to encourage you to embrace their candidacy. In addition they have advance staff to make sure that each event is staged perfectly with signs and supporters strategically placed for optimal optics.  We only see who the candidates really are when they go off of their carefully written talking points and say something that hasn’t been scripted.  Most of the time they do that, they shoot themselves in the foot.  So how do we really find out what these candidates believe and get a sense of what they will do if elected?  Unfortunately, that takes a great deal more effort than the majority of the electorate is willing to put forth.  And that is what the candidates count on.

It is time for the American voter to make the effort to really learn about the issues and learn about what the candidates believe.  We keep hearing about freedom and how important it is, but the electorate abuses that freedom by not taking the time to become  informed voters.  That is why the candidates speak in platitudes, slogans and simplistic hyperbole.  We watch the speeches on TV with the true believers cheering and applauding to the carefully worded speeches designed to extract the most enthusiastic reaction. They depend on our ignorance.

Combine the general ignorance of the electorate with the massive amount of money being infused into these campaigns by PAC’s and we are in danger of a minority with an agenda nominating a candidate that will be distasteful to the majority.  While the center ring in this circus is the Republican Presidential nominating process, the same is true for every Senatorial, Congressional and Gubernatorial race in 2012.  That is how the Tea Party was so successful in 2010.  It is time to wake up and smell the potential disaster that another 4 years of a Republican Congressional majority will create.  We need to focus on the entire landscape, not just the clown show in the center ring.


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