They Just Want Government Off Of Their Backs

The speeches of the Republican candidates are moving further to the right and becoming more belligerent to  everyone who doesn’t agree with them.  As they speak to the CPAC Conference they are pandering to those who say, “get government off of our back”.  They keep talking about shrinking government, reducing expenditures and again becoming the bully in world affairs.  But their America, free of government regulation or oversight and completely based on a free market economy, is what created the economic disaster we are living through today. 

To understand why they are again pushing their disastrous conservative agenda we just need to ask two questions.  Is the 1%, consisting primarily of conservative Republicans, being hurt by the current economic downturn?  Than we must ask, how did the 1% do during the Bush years?  When you answer these questions it becomes obvious that the 1%, i.e. the conservative Republicans, want to live in an America that is left to the good will and moral character of big business. 

There is, however, a major problem with this.  American business from Wall Street to Main Street has not shown itself to be worthy of our trust.  They have no moral character.  The banks have proven this, Wall Street has proven this, the drug companies have proven this, retailers have proven this, Detroit has proven this, and the Republican Party has proven this.  They want us to trust that they will do the “right thing” without government regulation or oversight. But they have proven to us time and time again that they will do the expedient and profitable thing, not the right thing.  They do not accept the science of climate change because it will impact on the profit margin.  That is why they want to do away with the EPA.  They want to make sure that our children learn only what they see as appropriate, that is why they want to do away with the Department of Education.  Of course we should trust that what they say is appropriate to teach, is appropriate to teach. 

Rick Santorum said today that the Tea Party and the Conservative movement are not wings of the Republican Party, they are the Republican Party.  He went on to say that it is his desire to get government off our backs.  They want to go back to the days when government stood aside while those with power did as they wanted.  The 1% view themselves as the ruling class.  They will, in a paternalistic way, protect the middle class from the big  bad world out to get them.  They have simply forgotten that this is a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”.  It can never get out of the way so that the 1% can replace it.  Government is here to protect us from an amoral 1%.  Obama represents what is best in America.  He needs another 4 years.  We need to make sure he gets them. 


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