Has Everything Become Political?

The actions and reactions of the Susan G. Komen Foundation is an example of just how politicized and polarized we have become.  When nonpolitical, nuetral issues regarding  womens health become a political football we all need to step back and take a good hard look at what is happening to us as a people and a nation.

I am as appalled by the reasons the Susan G. Komen Foundation reversed itself as I am by the original decision.  In both cases political pressure was brought to bare and action was taken.  In the reversal, 26  Democratic U.S. Senators signed a letter demanding a reversal.  Certainly, the original decision was a result of political pressure from the right.  Since when are issues of making basic health services available to women political?   I am not talking about abortion, I am talking about cancer screening.    While I am personally pro-choice and believe the government has no voice in whether a women should choose to have an abortion,  the funds from the Susan G. Komen Foundation had nothing to do with abortion.  Yet the right will seek every opportunity to raise the issue of abortion and swing its weight to try to teach those of us who have gone astray, what we should believe.

One thing that we should all know by now, womens health does not have a political party.  It is apolitical and the obligation of any civilized society to provide for.  We should also know that womens health does not have a socioeconomic identity.  Rich, poor, black, brown, white should all have access to preventative and diagnostic services.  When we allow politics to encroach on basic human descency,  we lose our humanity. 


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