Am I Dreaming? Pinch Me.

Isn’t this the most fun we have had during a Presidential campaign in a long time?  Well, at least since the turn of the century.  The only way it can get better is if someone other than Romney wins the South Carolina primary.  I know, I should just settle for the incredible display of arrogance, narcissism, short-sightedness and self-destruction being offered by this very impressive group of candidates.  But you can’t blame a guy for wanting more.

Oh, wait, I think there will be more.  The Republican controlled Congress is about to get back to work, and you know what that means.  We are about to be treated to a wonderful display of Republican obstruction and destruction.  Speaker Boehner will try to prevent any action that will present well for the Obama Administration, therefore feeding into the image of an obstructionist Republican Congress.  Polls have shown clearly that this has been a major net loss for the Republican Party.  Isn’t it great the way the Republican Presidential candidates and the Republican Congress can work together in a way that completley obliterates any chance of a repeat of the 2010 electoral success?

The one clear fact that is coming out of this display of Republican ineptness is just how politically inept they are.  They are truly deaf and blind when it comes to understanding the needs and desires of the American people.  They will likely nominate a Presidential candidate that has no ability to connect with or understand the life of the average American, while they play out an ill advised game of obstruction in Congress.  Will it get any better?  It’s not likely, but you can’t blame a guy for hoping.


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