A New Dimension Only the Republican Candidates Can Touch

I want to thank the Republican candidates for a fascinating trip to a new dimension.  There is no question that while I remained on my sofa, I traveled to the far reaches of a dimension known only to them.  They are capable of taking facts through a black hole that distorts them so that they are virtually unrecognizable.

The Republicans are incredibly skilled at viewing events and facts in a simplistic and single dimensional manner.  They ignore the reality of an obstructive Congress and a catastrophic Bush  administration.  They truly believe that if they were in office, all they would have to do to change things is to wave a wand and all of the stars would align and everything would be perfect.  Their simplistic and naive statements are frightening.  What is even more frightening is that many of those watching really believe and trust that what is being said is real and based on knowledge and experience.  To listen to Gingrich, you would think that nothing of consequence occurred without his guidance in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s.  To listen to Romney, you would think that it is a challenge for Obama to get out of bed and get dressed every morning.  But he does acknowledge that he is a nice man.  How arrogant these two are.  The rest of the group pontificate as if they know from great experience the secret to fixing all that is broken.  The Republican field belongs to the freak show that we see as we walk to the circus big top. 

There was a time when the political parties represented differences of opinion that were clearly delineated during the campaign leading to the nomination process.  However, this field of candidates threaten the very integrity of the system and insult the intelligence of the electorate.  I do worry about the next dimension they will introduce us to. 


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