An Environment that is Intellectually Bankrupt and Bent on Historical Revisonism

With the Iowa Caucus over and New Hampshire about to take place the future of the Republican party looks bleak.  They have been yelling so loudly that their words have lost meaning and only the hateful, angry and conflicted tenor comes through. They have become a party of “no” rather than one of constructive alternatives. They have tried to use the fear, frustration and despair of the electorate to energize their campaign.  Yet they have not come up with a single viable solution to any of the problems left behind by the disastrous 8 years of the Bush administration.

In contrast, the Obama administration has provided solutions that are now showing promise and leadership that has energized and given hope to those who are open minded enough to see the truth.  The Obama administration, while proud of its many achievements over the past 3 years, realistically views the future with an understanding of the challenges yet to be confronted.  It does so in a Washington that is systemically broken.  It does so in an environment that is bankrupt of intellectual honesty and devoted to historical revisionism.  It is amazing the anything has been achieved in this atmosphere of obstruction and dishonesty.

Conventional wisdom states that in the end Americans are wise and make the right decisions.  I am not convinced of the correctness of this wisdom.  How could I be after 8 years of Bush?  I can only hope that the American electorate will by some miracle repeat its good judgment of 2008.

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