2011-A Year of Destruction and Obstruction

The year 2011 will go down in history as one of destruction and obstruction.  It is the continued destruction of the American middle class resulting in large part from the continued obstruction by the Republican controlled Congress.

It is appalling to me that anyone is surprised by the behavior of the Republican Congress.  After all, they have been telling us what their primary goals are from the very beginning of this session.  They stated that they are focusing on making sure that President Obama is a one-term President and that they will do everything necessary to avoid new taxes, particularly new taxes on the “1%”.  They have accomplished the tax part of their agenda, now they will put their efforts into doing whatever it takes to defeat President Obama.

They have made the assumption that the American people are either not smart enough to figure out what they are doing or are simply too busy to watch.  However, the fight over extending the payroll tax holiday pulled the curtain on the game they have been playing and the American people finally made their voices heard. 

I hope this is the beginning of a newly awakened and aware American electorate.  Their isn’t a single potential Republican Presidential candidate that can hold a candle to President Obama.  They must keep their voices loud and not allow the 1% to continue to succeed on the backs of the 99%.  It is time for the playing field to be even again. 

We all look forward with hope to a 2012 that can be characterized not as a year of destruction and obstruction, but rather as a year of constructive growth and constructive compromise.

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