With the Iowa Primary only weeks away the Republican candidates are trying to put their best foot forward and overshadow their competition.  However, the months leading up to the primary have been so tumultuous that all of the candidates are tainted and damaged.  Interestingly, it it not what they have done to each other that has created this situation, but rather what they have done to themselves.  They have created a circus-like spectacle that has diminished both the process and the Office of the Presidency.

Historically, while there have always been weak and sometimes radical candidates in the running, they have found themselves standing beside serious, knowledgeable and admirable competition.  Regardless of the party, the primary has always been a weeding out process that has separated the fringe candidates from the serious ones.  The problem for the Republicans this year is that all of the candidates are fringe candidates, and the winner will reflect the weakness rather than the strength of the party.

The Republicans should be concerned more about their future, than about just this election.  It appears that they have moved further and further toward the fringe, reflecting the narrow interests of the most extreme segments of their party.  The behavior of the Republican Congress has illustrated how narrow their agenda is and how dysfunctional it has become.  The Republican tent is very small and controlled by the ignorant rantings of the radio and TV gurus.  If the Republicans want a future they need to empower leaders that truly understand the Constitution and their responsibility to represent all of the people.


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