We Need Beauty Both Inside And Out

Last week I had the opportunity to again visit our nation’s Capitol.  While I have been there before, it never ceases to impress me with its beauty and majesty.  The dignity of the Lincoln Memorial and the impressive stature of the Washington Monument seem to watch over this city of hope and dreams.  As we visited the usual sights I loved seeing them through the eyes of my grandchildren who were seeing them for the first time.   Visiting the Vietnam Memorial and the new tribute to MLK were reminders of the cost of being who we are.  The displays at the Air and Space Museum illustrated our nation’s bold adventurism.  However, the highlight of our visit was our tour of the Capitol.

Last Friday, due to the generous efforts of a family friend, I found myself standing in the well of the Chamber of the House of Representatives.  I was part of a very private VIP tour of the Capitol consisting of my wife, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren.  The six of us were taken behind signs that stated in bold letters, “NO TOURS BEYOND THIS POINT”.  As I stood in the chamber of the “Peoples’ House”, I looked up to the podium from which the President delivers his State Of The Union Address and at the podium behind it where the Speaker Of The House and Vice President sit during that annual address.  I looked up at the Gallery to the left of where the President stands and could see the seat reserved for the First Lady.  I looked out at the seats on which our Representatives sit as they listen to and participate in debates and vote on legislation.   We were surrounded by the symbols of power and authority as we visited the Speaker’s Office and Conference Room, and his private balcony and reception room. We visited all of the caucus rooms and  leadership offices. We found ourselves in the middle of the Capitol Rotunda enveloped in the art that depicts our proud national history and the statuary representing each of the 50 states. We were reminded of the national leaders who lied in state in this great hall upon their death.  To me, the most poignant was John F. Kennedy. We saw busts of Washington and Lincoln and felt truly in touch with our history. As I stood in this special place two conflicting feelings fought for dominance. First, I was in awe of standing in the Chamber where so many important words have been spoken and so much important legislation has been enacted.  I could feel the breeze of history on my cheek.  However, my second and competing feeling was one of frustration and disappointment. The wheels of legislative and national progress were no longer turning in this chamber.  They had come to a stop against the clutter of petty political self-interest and polarizing partisanship. I wondered if this Chamber would ever again live up to its proud legacy.National-Capitol-Building-Washington-DC

As we are aware, Washington is left to the tourists during the sultry days of August.  Anyone who can, gets out of D.C. during these hot days. It seems then, that what we are seeing is the shell of our national Capitol, while the substance has absented itself. There is no shortage of beauty to see in that shell, yet if one tries to get beyond that shell it is empty and is lacking.  We are seeing the symbols of our past greatness. They are beautifully displayed in statuary, art and documents.  The buildings are stately and dignified, yet, aside from tourists and security guards, they are empty. Is the physical emptiness that is so apparent in August symbolic of the emptiness that seems to exist during the other months of the year?  Is our national Capitol in a coma, unable to do anything substantive, just merely exist?

The beauty that we saw on our tour of Washington can be brought back to life. The greatness of our institutions can be reawakened and revitalized. But in order for that to happen we must illustrate our demands by electing those who share our vision of what we can become. For the sake of our children and grandchildren we have no choice. We need to make the midterm election of 2014 pivotal and make Washington beautiful again, both inside and out.

The Myth Of The “Undeniable Truths”

For decades we accepted two undeniable truths in American politics.  First, the GOP was better at dealing with national security issues.  Hence at times of potential international unrest it was important to have a Republican in the White House.  Second, the GOP was more astute at dealing with the national economy.  Thus, if we wanted to preserve economic stability and prosperity it was important to have a Republican in the White House.  It is, however, a fact that neither of these so-called undeniable truths is true.  All we need to do is look at the years since the end of World War II to see the inaccuracy of these truths.  This isn’t to say that there was never a time of economic growth and stability or national security under a Republican President.  It is, however, a fact that we more often saw this country economically wanting and facing national security crisis under GOP leadership than under Democratic leadership in the White House.  Just compare the Clinton years to the George W. Bush years to see one glaring example.  The truth is that neither party has a lock on either issue.  To accept and present these as “undeniable truths” is to overly simplify the world and “dumb down’ the complexity of the world in which we live.  However, that is precisely the goal of the GOP.

The national security “tag team” of McCain and Graham have worked very hard to present the Democratic party, and in particular President Obama, as hapless and ineffectual in the world of national security and international relations.  They have been joined over the past couple of months by the self-appointed guru of national security, Dick Cheney.  Together, they have second guessed and criticized every move the president has made in this area.  The GOP boys choir  has happily chimed in to add tempo and bulk to this effort.  You can hear them perform on the Sunday morning talk shows, on that purveyor of fact and truth, FOX News and of course on talk radio.  They do this with a straight face despite the fact that virtually every national security issue confronted by President Obama is a result of the naive and inept policies of the Bush Administration.  I am well aware that that are those who say that Bush has been gone long enough so that we need to view what is happening now as wholly owned by Obama.  These are the same people who deny climate change and still prefer women to hold the place they had in the 50s.  Give me a break.  To ignore how we got here is nonsense.  However, the GOP is working very to hard to get us to believe all that is wrong in the world is a result of Obama’s policies.  It is the only way for them to reclaim the “undeniable truth” about who is stronger on national security.

The outstanding leadership of Boehner, Ryan, McConnell and Cruz effectively slowed the economic growth of our country.  They have worked hard to slow job growth, minimum wage increases, renewal of unemployment insurance, a jobs bill, an infrastructure bill or anything else that would stimulate the economy.  They, of course, have done all of this while blaming the president for “his” slow job and economic growth.  They did this not for the good of the country or of their constituents.  They didn’t block these efforts because they fervently believed them to bad for the country.  They did this for one reason and one reason only.  They wanted to convince the American people that President Obama and the Democratic party were ineffectual, and worse, detrimental to the economic future of the United States.  Of course, once again we can always depend on the GOP backup singers to chime in when asked to add their “expertise”.  The voices of FOX News and talk radio predictably joined the song of doom for the American economy.  They desperately want to reclaim that “undeniable truth” about the GOP and American prosperity at any cost.


Unfortunately, it is also an undeniable truth that midterm elections do not bring out other than the most fervent party loyalists.  It is therefore important that the Democrats work very hard during this midterm election to replace this “undeniable truth” with fact. It is up to us to vote to ensure that this country is led based on fact and not myth.


Quiet Enough To Hear A Pin Drop, But The Echo Is Still There

Here we are in the midst of summer.  The fireworks of Independence Day are a memory and the cookouts of Labor Day are still weeks away.  Schools across the country are silent  and deserted-looking.  But while you can hear a pin drop around them, you can still hear the echoes of the activity that took place in them only a couple of months ago.  You can hear the echoes of laughter from the playground where friendships were formed that will last a lifetime.  You can hear the echoes of learning that took place in the classrooms where teachers felt this great sense of satisfaction as they saw in the eyes and faces of their students that they were really learning what they were being taught.  We are well aware that all schools are not equal across our country.  Yet, despite these challenges, we await with hope and anticipation the coming school year when students across our land will return to continue to learn.  In Washington D.C. there sits atop a hill the shining white dome of the Capitol.  Inside we see the now silent and empty chambers, offices and hearing rooms.  Here too we can hear a pin drop.  But we can also hear the echoes of activity from the past year.  They are the echoes of divisiveness, accusations and obfuscation.  As we look toward the return of congress to these hallowed halls, we do so with little hope that things will change and that the work of the nation will get done.  But, the real question for us is, will we allow our expectations to become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

As I have watched the Congress since 2008, I find it impossible not to become angry and frustrated.  The pointless and vindictive hearings followed by pointless and vindictive press briefings followed by nothing is a pattern created by those who seek only to frame issues and discuss problems, but do nothing about them.  I need not point out the little this congress has accomplished or the bushel of false accusations bandied about as if they had merit.  There are two noteworthy accomplishments worth mentioning, however.  First, they have been able to put aside action on  issues such as immigration, gun control, raising the minimum wage, unemployment insurance and many more to take the time to try to repeal the ACA more than 50 times.  No congress in history has even come close to this incredible achievement of so blatantly pandering to the base.  To put the icing on the cake, just so we would remember them with the fondness and adoration they so richly deserve, they were able to find the time to approve the crucial and meaningful act of suing the President.  Yet we are being told by all of the pundits and pollsters that this group of model legislators will be rewarded by reelection and a larger majority.  To make matters worse, these same prophets of doom are predicting that the GOP will win a majority in the senate.  They tell us that the midterm election in a president’s second term does not go well for the party in the White House.

The question we need to ask ourselves is whether we are going to accept this great wisdom as fact, or are we going to break the mold and change our future?  The assumption is that this midterm election will be a low-turnout election and the base will determine  the outcome.  It is expected that the large youth, Latino and African-American voting groups that we saw in 2012 will sit this election out.  They think that Independents and women who were both crucial in the victory of 2012 will not make the effort to vote this time around.

empty voting booth

The polling booths today are empty and silent.  I hear the echoes of elections past when we all made the effort to control our own destiny.  I look with hope and anticipation to the upcoming election when I hope we will all do the same and prove the pundits wrong.

Breaking The Code Of GOP Behavior

Mothers have an uncanny ability to read the code of their baby’s cry.  They can determine from the cry whether their baby is tired, wet or hungry.   It is unusual, but sometimes the cry is a mystery.  The baby is well rested, dry and fed.  Upon further and careful investigation the mother breaks the code of the new cry.  The diaper pin (some of you might be a little young to know what those were) has come open and is jabbing her baby. With guilt and remorse the mother closes the diaper pin and watches with relief and joy as her baby stops crying and smiles.  The GOP has been crying for almost six years now and neither the Democrats nor the pundits have been able to break the code of their cry.  Their behavior seems erratic, irrational and self-destructive.  They are ignoring the onslaught of a demographic doomsday, the negative polling numbers for their congressional inaction and the conventional wisdom that continues to portray them as the party of “no”.  They have ability to reverse this behavior, but seem unwilling to do so.  Is the GOP truly self-destructive and crazy?  Yes they are crazy, but crazy like a fox.

crying baby

As political observers we have been conditioned to believe that the ultimate prize sought by any political party is the White House.  We have always believed that if a party seems incapable of achieving this lofty goal it is a failure.  This failure then leads to an inevitable purging of party leadership and a new-found direction for the party.  In fact, we have seen this occur in both the Democratic and Republican parties in recent decades.  We should therefore logically expect this to occur in the Republican Party preceding the next Presidential Election.  But it won’t.

These expectations and presumptions are based on a false premise.  It is a premise that the Republican-controlled House is standing on its head.  The premise that the Presidency is the most powerful position in the government of the United States has been proven false for five and a half  years now.  It is a fact that the Party that controls the House and even more so if they also control the Senate, controls the government of the United States.  If that party also controls a majority of state legislatures and state houses it makes them a very formidable force.   All we need do is look back at the past five and half frustrating years to see that this statement is true.  The only real legislative victory that Obama can point to is the ACA.  While on a national level we can point to success, on a state by state level that is very questionable.  Most states have refused to create exchanges and many have refused to participate in any expansion of Medicaid benefits.  The number of failed legislative initiatives is astounding.  I need not list them here.  It is also unnecessary for me to explain why they failed.  Who is more powerful in this instance, the President or the Congress?  While legislative control is obviously of major consequence, approval of Presidential nominations is critical.  I am not only referring to cabinet appointments, but more importantly Supreme Court Justices.  The party that controls the Senate impacts greatly on this process and has the power to shape the Court.  I need not enumerate the many critical issues at stake here.  Who is more powerful in this instance, the Senate or the President?  Foreign policy has traditionally been the purview of the President, but in recent years the rule of thumb that “politics ends at the shore” has clearly gone by the wayside.  Thus, even in the realm of foreign relations the President’s power has been compromised.

So, what does all of this have to do with breaking the GOP code of behavior?  It’s quite simple.  They don’t want to win the White House.  They want to control the Senate and the House and as many state legislatures and state houses as possible so that they can control the future of this country.  To achieve this all they need to do is keep their base happy and get them to the polls.  The demographics make it clear that they can never again be a national party.  However they don’t need to be.  All politics is local,  remember?


Is Obfuscation The New Art Of Politics?

As kids we learn at an early age that if we can change the question or the context we stand a chance of hiding the facts.  You know we have all done it.  For example:  Mom: “John, have you done all of your homework?”John: ” Sort of,  uh what’s for dinner?  I hope it’s that great meat loaf you make.”  Though he did not  know the word for it, he was obfuscating. He was trying to muddy the waters and change  the subject to avoid dealing with the reality.  We have all observed adults doing the same exact thing.  Some would say that this is the primary task of defense attorneys . Isn’t their job to provide the jury with a plausible alternative theory of the crime?  We have also observed this kind of behavior on the international stage.  It was particularly prevalent during the Cold War.  The UN Security Council sessions during the Cuban Missile Crisis provided the world with an extraordinary example of Soviet obfuscation.   Today we see Putin’s behavior following the downing of the Malaysian Airlines plane as another prime example of obfuscation.  We have come to expect this kind of behavior on the international stage whether from North Korea, Hamas, Iran or the many other bad actors we must deal with.  However, we have a right to expect more from our own elected officials

Max Weber, the noted 20th century economist and sociologist, stated that “politics is the art of compromise….”  While our nation has been faced with many difficult choices during what has at times been a tumultuous history, our ability to ultimately compromise has been a hallmark of our democracy.  Certainly, the Civil War is a major exception to this pattern and there have been other battles, but while not literally tearing the nation apart, have stretched the fabric of America to its limit.   But the art of compromise has been an ideal respected and sought throughout most of our history.  Yet, we seem to have lost our desire to achieve this goal over the past several years.  On the one hand we are told that we are an extremely polarized society.  Yet, on the other hand, polls on many social issues indicate consensus.  There is consensus on gun control and immigration for example. I don’t need to provide you with the numbers,  we all know them.  Yet, when we look to Congress to enact legislation that reflects that consensus, all we see is obfuscation.  Has ideology become a straightjacket that so confines our legislators that compromise has become impossible?  Do our legislators truly reflect the attitudes of the many rather than the attitudes of the few to which they are beholden for their reelection?  Has being reelected become so important that it overshadows the obligations inherent to the office?  Is obfuscation the new art of politics because it is safer to take no action rather than take action and risk offending those who disagree with that action?  Has, in fact, obfuscation become the new politics of survival for incumbents?


Whether or not this kind of behavior becomes the new standard for our representatives is up to we, the voters.  We have a choice in November.  We can reward those who have done everything possible to avoid taking action on critical issues confronting our nation and support them at the ballot box.  However, if you are as disgusted as I am by the cowardly, dishonest and destructive behavior of the GOP leadership in Congress over the past five years, you will do everything in your power to send that message in November.  The GOP leadership has clearly adopted obfuscation as their new definition of the art of politics.  We need to show them that obfuscation is the road to defeat.

Who Is Truly Oppressing The People Of Gaza?

Those of you who have followed my blog on WordPress and Daily Kos Diary over the past few years are aware that I typically dedicate this space to a discussion of issues that are  related to national politics or issues confronting the American people.  However, there are times when I feel compelled to move beyond our borders to highlight an event that is of concern to me as a human being and a citizen not only of this country, but of the world.  This is one of those times.  The events in the Middle East, impacting on the lives of innocent victims, cannot be ignored.  The superficial picture provided by an often ill-informed and lazy media simply feeds the myths and helps to perpetuate the tragedy.  In order to appreciate the truth of Gaza, it is necessary to know the recent history and understand the geography of this prime piece of real estate.

While Israel assumed control of Gaza after the Six Day War in 1967, it gave that control up in 2005 and forced the Jewish settlers to give up their homes and their livelihoods and vacate Gaza.    It should be noted that when the Jewish settlers departed, they left all of their homes, and agricultural and industrial infrastructure intact.  As of that moment, Gaza was under the control of the Palestinians.  Among their first acts was to  demolish all that was left to them by the Israelis rather than utilizing it to grow their own economy.  There were thousands of families living in dismal refugee camps administered by the International Red Cross at the time Gaza was ceded to the Palestinians.  There are still the same camps teeming with thousands of families today.  The beaches of Gaza rival the beauty of any beach along the Mediterranean., yet there is no economic development to attract tourism.  I haven’t just read or heard of these things, I have seen them.  I have seen the Jewish settlers’ homes and industrial infrastructure, the refugee camps and the beautiful beaches.  I have seen the potential wasted and turned into hatred and bomb factories.  This is no accident.  The two million residents of Gaza are being used as pawns in an ideological battle by Hamas against Israel.  It is both tragic and cynical.

To appreciate the full extent of this victimization there are a few facts that are important to be aware of.  First, the average age of the population of Gaza is 27.  This means that most people living in Gaza never remember a time when they weren’t either under the control of Israel or Hamas.   Second, the education received by the children of Gaza paints Israel as a relentless oppressor.  They are taught to hate Jews and Israelis both.  Third, there has been little investment in true economic development, while most investment has gone toward building and acquiring weapons.  Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, is a radical Islamic group, classified as a terrorist organization by the United States.  In order for Hamas to continue its control over this young and restless population it is necessary to maintain a siege mentality.  Thus the firing of rockets into Israel begets an Israeli response therefore fulfilling the need for constant vigilance and a sense of being under siege.    Consider the difference in reaction to the recent teenage murders between Israel and Gaza.  In Gaza, those who kidnapped and ultimately  murdered the three Israeli teenagers were held up as heroes and lauded for their achievement.  In Israel, those who killed the Palestinian teenager in revenge for the deaths of the three Israelis were apprehended and will be tried and punished.  The kind of thinking in Gaza, perpetuated by Hamas is dangerous and will lead to more violence.  As the residents of Gaza are encouraged to act as human shields protecting the rocket launchers cynically positioned in schools, mosques and hospitals by Hamas, they are clearly being used as pawns.    The press obediently then sends pictures across the world showing women and children who have been killed or severely wounded by Israeli bombs.  It is obvious that Hamas cares little for human life and values its ideological success above all.

It is time for the residents of Gaza  to harvest some of the fruits of the Arab Spring.  As long as they allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated by this group of radical Islamic extremists they will live in poverty and danger.  Gaza has a great deal of potential.  It is time for the Gaza’s residents to shed the yoke of Hamas oppression and work to realize that potential.

Fear, The GOP Weapon Of Choice.

When we were kids our parents realized at an early stage that while reasoning with us was preferable, instilling fear was a sure-fire technique.  Do you remember all of the warnings we used to hear about crossing the street, talking to strangers or perhaps taking gifts from someone you don’t know.  I’m sure that you can remember many more, but more importantly these warning, whether based on reality or fantasy, always had the same result.   They instilled enough fear in us  so that we would abide by these warnings without question.  Remember, what made the 60s so revolutionary is that we began to question this blind obedience to fear and think for ourselves.  Yet, there are still many who are susceptible to the fear gambit.  Lots of people are willing to believe whatever someone in authority proclaims to be the truth.  It is a fact that the GOP’s tactic of choice for many years is to press the “fear” button.  If we listen to them we find that there are so many things to be afraid of, to be very afraid of.

Paul pauses during a network news interview on Capitol Hill in Washington

Let’s look at a few of their claims.

  • First we all remember that they proclaimed that birth control and abortions would lead to an unprecedented period of sexual promiscuity and unwanted births.  It is a fact that the birth rate of babies born to teenagers has significantly diminished.
  • We need to be afraid of all gun control laws because “they” are trying to take away our 2nd Amendment freedoms.  This is nonsense on its face of it.  The modest attempt at a national background check system would have no negative impact on those who would have guns.  It would however, perhaps, refuse to put guns in the hands of those who, for all of our sakes, should not have them.
  • Resolving the immigration issues confronted by our nation will only cause Americans to lose jobs and increase the crime rate.  It is clear that resolving the immigration issues will increase the tax revenue of our country and will provide much-needed workers in sectors that are in need of them.  It will also tighten the borders and reduce crime and drug smuggling.
  • Continuing unemployment insurance will only lead to people not willing to look for jobs, since we are paying them not to work.  This one is not even worth a comment.
  • Of course we additionally need to be afraid of the IRS and it supposed harassment of right leaning organizations.
  • We hear that  marriage equality will endanger the institution of marriage. How?  Nobody has ever explained this.
  • We need to pass new voter registration and voting laws to prevent voter fraud.  There has been virtually no voter fraud, but the new laws will prevent many who typically vote Democratic from getting to the polls.
  • The Ukrainian Crisis, the Iraq Crisis, the Benghazi Crisis, the Syrian Crisis, the current border crisis all are reasons to be very afraid of this President’s willingness to ignore security issues we confront.  These outcries and warnings come from those foreign affairs experts that brought us the Iraq War.  Do they really think that they still have any credibility?

The list can go on and on.  It is a tactic that was used against Civil Rights advocates and Anti-war demonstrators and women’s rights advocates.  ‘They are all trying to change our country and take away your freedom to live in the America we love”, we were told.  “They are dangerous and we need to protect ourselves from them or all will be lost.’  .  We are not little children anymore.    The fact is, maybe what WE should really fear is the GOP.